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Yesterday my family and I went to go see “The Incredibles 2” as part of our Father’s Day celebration. Although this is not a movie review, the movie was indeed super cute and fun and I highly recommend it.  This morning while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw that one of my friends had posted a message from the Epilepsy Foundation about a scene in the movie that could potentially trigger a seizure. When I went to research this some more, I saw that in response to this, Disney had sent out an advisory to theaters to put up signs informing movie goers that people susceptible to seizures due to flashing lights should be careful when seeing this movie. Fact – 3% of patients with epilepsy have a variant called photosensitive epilepsy in which exposure to certain visual patterns and/or flashing lights will trigger a seizure. People with migraines and chronic illness were also include in the warning that Disney sent out. There was one scene in the movie (which I don’t want to describe too much or I will ruin the plot) where the lights and patterns were so bright and so vivid, that instinctively I closed my eyes half way, turned to the side, and watched the scene out of the corners of my eyes. I don’t know if that was the doctor in me, the mom in me, or just plain old self preservation, but my body knew that this was not comfortable for me in some way. I did see the warning sign out in the lobby before we entered the theater but it really only registered in hindsight. If you know anyone with seizures, please share this information with them. Also, if you do go to see this movie, make sure you bring a box of tissues to use when you watch the wonderful Pixar short that precedes the movie.