Contact Lenses and Evaluations

contact-lens-1560998There are many reasons why our patients wear contact lenses, ranging from sports enthusiasts to those in law enforcement to those who just want to be glasses free. Advances in contact lens technologies have made it possible for more patients than ever to successfully wear lenses, but each patient has to be evaluated to make sure they are a good candidate. Daily disposable contact lenses are a fantastic option for both full-time and part-time contact lens wearers and are available in many different types of prescriptions.

Contact lens services and fees are separate from the comprehensive eye exam even if you have worn contacts before. Insurance companies consider contacts to be cosmetic and therefore do not cover contact lens fees. Fees are based on the complexity and nature of the contact lens encounter. Some vision plans will discount these fees. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis to make sure the health, curvature and unique features of their eyes are compatible with successful contact lens wear. Contact lenses are an FDA approved medical device and as such, yearly evaluations are necessary in order to renew the contact lens prescription.