Optical Boutique

At Park Eye Center eyeglasses are more than just two lenses attached to a frame. Every frame in our office is handpicked to join our eclectic collection and we relish the opportunity to help you choose a frame that perfectly meshes with your personality and facial structure. We only utilize lenses constructed of the highest quality and newest technologies in order to maximize your visual experience. Our expertly trained staff will take the time to get to know you before starting your frame consultation. Whether you are looking for a total makeover or just a subtle rejuvenation of your look we will evaluate your skin tone, color preferences and personal style as well as your prescription itself to come up with the perfect frame. We will educate you about our latest lens options such as blue light protection, superior anti glare coatings, thin high index lenses and anti fatigue lenses for your digital devices. We carry a wide array of the latest and most innovative progressive lenses and we will help you select the best options for your lifestyle. Our extensive collection of both frames and lenses is available in a wide array of attractive price points and we offer choices to suit every budget.

It is our belief that one size does not fit all, and no head or face is too big or too little to wear a fantastic well fitting frame. We carry adorable options for the little ones as well as over-sized frames for larger heads. Petite women and men don’t have to shy away from larger eye sizes when the frame is tailored for smaller features. We carry a large selection of sunglasses for all ages and stages, most of which can accommodate prescription lenses. Classic or funky, colorful or neutral, round, square, or invisible!  Let us help you find a frame that reflects the image you want to project to the world.